• Case Study: Vroom

The Boathouse helps Vroom disrupt the automobile industry by taking it entirely online.

Can we introduce a modern solution for car buying to an audience who is suspicious of the entire industry and its methods?

The automotive market is annoyingly archaic and ripe for opportunity. The biggest player in the pre-owned vehicle space only has 2% marketshare.

We helped Vroom, a tech/auto startup, move over a billion dollars in inventory in 2016 by turning a tired, frustrating, complex process on its head.

Yes, you CAN buy a car online.

Our prime directive was to inform the 99% of consumers unaware of the fact you can buy a car online safely and effectively, sight unseen.

So what visual would tell such a complex story with impact? Introducing the Mobile Showroom, our first concept to introduce Vroom to a national market.

John Leguizamo and Rachel Dratch as “Dick and Peggy Freedman”

We used notable actors, not as spokespeople, but as characters we could drop into different situations. By alternating a storied commercial with an intended viral effect, versus a funny, yet slightly more conventional ad, we draw consumers into our brand with a balance of engaging storytelling and value propositions.

We believe our consumer/audience will come to love watching a Vroom commercial, and will anticipate the next one.

Find Car. Add to Cart. Free Delivery.

We created a 2-phase billboard campaign. The first was for general brand awareness, designed to spark the idea that you can buy a car online. Then, we created a campaign to connect to the television ads with the consistent message that buying a car online is not only possible, it’s easy, smart and even fun.

Helping users comb through thousands of vehicles with ease… from Buicks to Bentleys.

We helped define a user experience and interface designed to answer the four main questions any car buyer has. Which car is right for me? Can I afford it? Where should I buy it? Am I getting a good deal?

Mobile optimized, SEO optimized and designed to connect buyers directly to a human for maximum conversion. Even though the transaction happens online, trust is earned when you have a knowledgeable person available 24/7.

We created a loyalty program that generated $1M in business within its first month of activation.

We designed the showroom of the future in virtual reality and showed it off at pop up locations as a brand awareness campaign.

We created a custom high-end hoodie to celebrate the entire team's efforts to deliver this massive campaign.


Average increase across markets in web traffic and all down funnel metrics.


The response rate of these particular ads were on average 3X higher than that of competitors and similar disruptor brands.


Unaided brand awareness went from near zero to double digits in the first 6 weeks alone.