• Case Study: RCN

Positioning a brand most consumers view as a utility into becoming a brand of the people.

RCN “Imagine Better”

In a market diluted by large monopolies and billion dollar ad spends, RCN looked to the Boathouse to reimagine their brand in a way which would cut through the clutter and connect emotionally with the consumer.

Can we connect emotionally to our Internet/Cable service?

By creating an immersive world that quantifies HOW you use your services, we were able to do just that.

Stream… Watch… Binge… Internet… BETTER.

RCN was the first provider to bring 1Gig internet speeds to the market. And, they remain #1 in overall satisfaction. We combined our immersive image based campaign with selective text offerings to cross-promote RCN’s new look and feel, with a subtle reminder of their reliability.

Imagine Better with RCN

As the telecommunications market evolves… we wanted to be sure we solidified RCN as the tech-forward provider that understands the ever evolving needs of their customer. A data company first approach, helped us further populate the market with supplemental material.

We alternated the emotional with the absurd...

We developed new messaging for their direct mail campaigns

We perpetuated this immersive story through Social + Digital

By the numbers

Consumers responded in droves to the message, making RCN the company of the people.


The amount e-commerce sales rose within the first two weeks of the campaign.


Average increase in call volume to call center across all markets.


Increase in site page views for the first month of the campaign.