How do you form an emotional connection to a business productivity tool that’s largely unknown?


Apple looked to The Boathouse to breathe new life into a legacy business subsidiary by crafting a unique brand awareness campaign for a new generation of customers.


B2B campaigns don’t need to
be boring…

To engage a new audience we had to formulate a campaign that got people talking but didn’t compromise lead generation and ROI. Our answer involved reuniting a lovable TV cast to introduce a complex tool to new customers in a reliable way.

A campaign in three phases.

Phase 1 / Get People Talking

We sent influencers boxes of beets and unexplained photos from our commercials in order to start
the conversation.

Influencers posted and shared the mysterious content they received.

All traffic led back to an unbranded site with a countdown clock.

Users were offered an email capture to be alerted when the content launched.

This led to 175 organic, international press mentions and 425M social media impressions.

On Day 1 of Phase 2 before we paid for a single ad placement there were 400K completed views.

Phase 2 / The Launch

Once the countdown clock hit zero we launched the Farm Time mini-movie, and we revealed the brand behind it.

Paid placements and a wealth of content for every form of social media.

Phase 3 / Strategic Placement

We then placed strategic ads targeting business consumers across all social platforms. Additionally, to boost engagement, we used sync ads to display a clear call to action, which would appear on sites hosting the video such as Time, Inc. or Wired.

For Facebook we created an assortment of 10-second cut downs.

For Instagram we made a series of boomerangs and short clips.

For YouTube we created 30-second versions.

We also had a wealth of footage to produce alternate content and behind the scenes videos.


With brand awareness going from zero to double digits, the brand also received more press on our campaign launch date than they had accumulated in the past 30 years combined!

Apple prohibits the sharing of specific statistics and performance, but they do keep hiring us so we assume it’s all good!